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We Use Discreet Vehicles

We all have nosey neighbours on our street and we would all rather they didn’t find out that we may have a rodent issue or an insect infestation our property. A lot of company’s plaster their services all over their vehicles in the hope of a neighbour or passer by sees it and calls them.

Expansion Across Northampton

When we initially started trading, the immediate proximity of Rushden, Wellingborough and the surrounding villages was our projected catchment area.


Rodent Case Study

Not too many months ago Terry, the site manager of a local northamptonshire company, called us to say that they were experiencing a heavy rodent infestation in one of their warehouses.

DIY Pest Control – Does It Work?

In domestic settings, one of the situations we come across on a regular basis, is that the customer has attempted to deal with the pest problem themselves (DIY).

Pest Control for Commercial Properties

If you own or manage any type of commercial property, be it a café, restaurant, warehouse, offices or indeed any work area that employs staff and/or invites members of the public to visit, please do not neglect your responsibilities and remember that any individual spending time on your site, whether staff or not, is ultimately […]


Every pest infestation will leave behind some sign of presence. Look for droppings or other signs on walls, such as grease like smears, or bite damage on carpets or cardboard. Can you  can  smell strange odors in  your  storage areas, offices, attic, or work places? Maybe you see something scuttling away or you think you did. If you think you did – you did. Consistently look for changes or holes in […]

Pigeon Problems – Case Study

During the Coved 19 “lockdown” of April/May 2020, a longstanding commercial client of ours decided to take advantage of the enforced break and have a long overdue clear out and clean up of their Rushden premises and pigeon problem. Good plan. It all went well and because the business had been forced to shut and […]


Control of Flies

Usually the odd fly doesn’t bother us, it’s only when we notice a few flies buzzing about the place that we get annoyed.