Wasp Control Northamptonshire

It is the ability of wasps to cause painful stings that concerns most people and unlike bees, wasps can sting several times.

Adult worker wasps have the characteristic black and yellow patterning on the abdomen and are between 15 – 20 mm long.

They have a black head and thorax.

The fore and hind wings are held together by a row of minute hooks giving the appearance of only one wing per side of the wasp.

The most effective treatment for wasps is an insecticidal dust to the nest, around and into the entrance.



Wasps & Nest Removal

In most cases, the best way to remove wasps from your home or premises is to remove the wasp nest. This normally angers the wasps so you shouldn’t attempt to go near an active wasp nest unless you have protective equipment and know what you are doing.

Wasps are very defensive insects and will try to protect their colony at all costs. They will see you as a threat and will act accordingly so you need to take extreme care near them.

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