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average mole dimentionsThere are two symptoms of moles: mole hills – piles of excavated soil on lawns and around the garden – and underground tunnels, found when digging the soil or making a new planting hole.

Mole hills – piles of fresh, excavated soil – don’t fully convey the extent of one moles underground tunnel system, which can cover a surprisingly large area.

If a young plant isn’t developing, it could be due to moles tunnelling beneath it. Seedlings can also suffer badly when their roots are disturbed, or they’re left dangling in an empty space.

Pest Control for Moles

Adult moles can burrow at up to 4 m per hour which is why they can cause so much damage in a short period of time. Their diet is mainly earthworms so will often remain in one location rich in food for a considerable time.

Tunnels use for traveling are usually well below ground, and it is during feeding that moles dig to the surface creating fresh mounds of earth. Fully grown moles have been known to dig 6 or more new hills in a single day!

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