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Fleas are small insects and are dark brown in colour. They lack wings and are extremely narrow side to side, which enables them to move easily through the body hairs.

Their last pair of legs is modified for jumping. They have numerous spines and hairs on their body, and their mouthparts are adapted for piercing the skin and sucking blood.

The whisker-like spines on and near the head are important characteristics used in the identification of fleas.

The cat/dog flea, is the most common type of flea in our country and the primary flea found on cats and dogs and in our homes.

It will attack other animals and humans as well, moving from host to host if not treated.

 Effective Treatments for Fleas

1. Hoover thoroughly

2. Hot wash all your bedding and clothing (min 60°c)

3. Freeze cushions, soft toys etc that can’t be washed easily.

4. Use a Flea spray on affected areas

5. Use a flea powder to get into the fibres of your carpets where eggs and larvae will be hiding.

If these 5 steps don’t get rid of your fleas then call us and we will deal with them for you.

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