Cockroach Control Northamptonshire

Cockroaches can carry dysentery, gastro-enteritis, typhoid and food poisoning organisms. Germs can be spread from the body of the cockroach or from the droppings they leave behind. Cockroaches will feed on almost anything including faecal matter.

Contamination occurs when the cockroaches come into contact with foodstuffs.

Eradication of cockroaches can be complicated and should be carried out by professional pest control operative. They are difficult to treat, their hiding places are often difficult to reach with insecticides and because of the efficiency of the breeding process and the large number of eggs produced, cockroaches are difficult to eradicate and a Comprehensive eradication program is essential.

The first step is to monitor the level of the infestation. Inspections should be carried out at night, when the cockroaches are most active, using a torch with a red filter which cockroaches do not respond to.

A high standard of hygiene is important in the control of cockroaches and involves refusing access to food and water. This will increase cockroach activity and direct movement increasing the chance of the insects coming across insecticides.

Inspections should be carried out at night when the cockroaches are active.

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