Bee Control Northamptonshire

As an environmentally aware company we are please to announce that we work very closely with members of Northamptonshire Bee Keepers Association and will do our utmost to protect Bees and their shrinking population.

Working With Northants Bee Keepers

Upon request we will give you the details of local Northants Bee Keepers who may be able to solve your pest problem whilst helping to save & protect the Honey Bee.

Swarming Honey Bees may cause problems if they choose a site close to populated areas, eg. chimneys, eaves of houses or trees close to houses or public places.

When this happens we advise you to call us first, to see if we can offer an alternative solution to destroying the bees nest.

If you encounter a swarm of bees please don’t panic, leave the bees undisturbed and contact us. In some cases nests of other types of bee may need to be relocated & this is best left to bee keeping experts, rather than attempting to do so yourself.

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