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To the naked human eye, mites are extremely difficult to see. They have small round bodies with eight legs. Mites very commonly exist in your home without you even noticing. It is when they start to grow in numbers that they can become a nuisance. Certain species of Mites can survive for up to six months of starvation, so calling in professionals like the team here at Pestwise, would be the most effective solution.


Species of Mites

  • Furniture Mites exist in damp upholstery
  • Harvest Mites can enter homes in the coat of pets or on your clothing.
  • House Dust Mites are the most common species. They can be found in mattresses and feed on miniscule skin particles.
  • Bird Mites, as the name suggests, are carried by birds and can enter properties through old birds’ nests.


If you are suffering with an infestation of Mites then do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals here at Pestwise. Call us on 01664 371 216 or you can fill in our contact form, we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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