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Fleas are a very common pest problem to have in homes, especially in homes where pets are present, however even if you don’t have pets you can still encounter a flea problem, this can happen especially if the previous home owners kept cats or dogs. Flea infestations can be quite a common problem within Melton Mowbray which is why we offer an excellent flea control service throughout the area to ensure that we can completely eradicate your flea infestation problem.

If you have suffered with an infestation from another pest animal in the past you can also be at risk of a flea infestation, rats, mice, squirrels and foxes are all carriers of fleas and as a result could have brought them in to your commercial or domestic property. A flea is small and wingless and are narrow side to side which allows them to easily move through hair and fur, they are around 2.5mm long and a dark brown in colour.

Flea Exterminators Melton Mowbray

Although they aren’t painful, a bite from a flea can develop into a rash that can be very itchy and uncomfortable and is one of the main concerns of a flea infestation. Your pets can also become at risk of developing allergies to flea saliva. A flea can be easily identified due to the whisker like spines on the head, they also have numerous spines and hairs covering their body, their mouthparts have adapted to be able to pierce the skin and suck blood and their last pair of legs are designed for jumping.

There are two fleas that are most commonly found in the UK, the cat flea and the dog flea, both of which are very similar in appearance. Both species of fleas are able to live on both cats and dogs, but the cat flea is more likely to bite humans. Fleas will attack both animals and humans and without treatment will continue to move from host to host.

If you find fleas in your property there are a couple of things you can do to try and remove them yourself, first of all hoover thoroughly throughout the property, put all bedding and clothing on a hot wash (min 60°c), for any hard to wash items such as cushions and toys freeze them, use a flea spray on affected areas and use a flea powder on carpets where eggs and larvae will be hiding in the fibres.

These 5 steps will normally be effective, however if you find that the problem continues to persist make sure you get in touch with us here at Pestwise, the leading flea control company in Melton Mowbray. Give us a call on 01664 371 216 and we will be at your property as soon as possible.

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